Yoga Swing Safety & Usage Guidelines

Using your YogiGym®

Inversion Height

Best inversion height is for the aerial yoga swing to be hanging around your pubic bone just below the crest of the hip bones so that your head is free of the floor.

Lower Positions

Mid thigh height is great for standing leg stretches and supported Downward Dogs.
Mid shin is wonderful for stretching the lumbar spine in reclining positions and partial inversions with shoulders resting on the floor.

How often and for how long can I invert?

For noticeable benefits we recommend inverting daily: best times are first thing in the morning, before meals and before bed-time.  The Rule of Thumb is that you may invert for as long as you are comfortable but, we suggest that to begin with, you invert for only 1 – 3 minutes.  Once you have grown accustomed to hanging upside down you can gradually increase the time.  *Always be sure to wait for a minimum of 5 breaths or longer after an inversion before dismounting the YogiGym® yoga swing.


It is recommended that you consult with your physician before using the YogiGym®, especially if you have any preexisting health concerns.

Safety Guidelines

  • Always hold on! When airborne, make sure that you’re wrapped or holding on to handles
  • Enter and exit the yoga swing under the point of suspension
  • Ensure the s-hooks are properly inserted between the two ropes and not just resting on the knots
  • Always keep tension on the fabric
  • Be aware and breathe
  • Do not wear nylon clothing or any fabric that may be slippery against the nylon parachute material
  • Wear comfortable, unrestrictive clothing – no shorts
  • Ladies should wear sports bras that will provide support during inversions.
  • Gentlemen should consider wearing either jock-straps or compression underwear
  • Remove any loose items out of pockets before inverting (coins, cell phones, etc.)
  • Remove any jewelry or restrictive accessories before using
  • Avoid heavy meals prior to class, but do have something light or bring juice to avoid low blood sugar levels
  • Wait at least 15 minutes after consuming liquids before performing inversion
  • Do not invert while taking anti-coagulants or Advil
  • Use awareness and proper form with each movement
  • Always listen to and honor your body’s needs. Disengage from any painful movement
  • Remember to breathe in all positions or routines. Do not hold breath
  • Drink water afterwards and stay hydrated during class to maximize the effectiveness
  • If you suffer from hypoglycemia or low blood sugar, bring light snacks or sweetened tea
  • Maximum weight tolerance is 300 lbs

If you have been diagnosed with or are experiencing the symptoms of any of the following conditions, do not invert without your doctors approval.

  • Ear, eye sinus disorders or infections in the head
  • Recent surgery or trauma to any internal organs
  • Broken or fractured bones in the hip/torso area
  • Recent head/brain injury or trauma
  • Heart and/or circulatory disorders
  • Severe spinal cord trauma
  • Fused vertebrae
  • Pregnancy
  • Hernia